Active Server Pages Shipping Calculator
Product Features:

  • Real-time rate calculation with United Parcel Service (UPS) and United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Studies have show that shipping cost is an important issue for online shoppers with over 80% indicating it was a major factor in their purchase decisions.  With more than 30 shipping services from 4 shipping companies our product provides your clients with the choices they demand in a competitive global marketplace.
  • Automatic combo box or radio button generation of available shipping rates from selected processors
  • International support with UPS supports 36 different origin countries.  Hundreds of destination countries supported throughout the world.
  • In addition to automatic creation of combobox or radio button output of shipping rates, you also have complete access to the rates collection.  This allows you to format output in any way you wish quickly and easily by looping through the available shipping rates, services, and time commitments. 
  • Ability to limit services returned to any combination of specific service types across multiple shipping companies.  For example, Show only UPS ground and USPS express.
  • Plain ASP script solution does not require any 3rd party DLL registration, just copy the files to your site and start using the Active Server Pages Shipping Calculator
  • Active Server Pages Shipping Calculator directly interfaces with shipping companies from your web site which means that prices are always up to date.  You never need to update shipping rates and do not need to pay any monthly charges for this service.
  • Built in error handling automatically places human readable messages into an error variable which you can evaluate or just pass back to users to view.
  • Automatic country list selection generator creates a drop down selection box with all available destination countries and formats the values to our own unique common country code system
  • The Common country code system allows you to use a common set of country codes across different shipping processors.  The ASP Shipping Calculator automatically maps shipping processors unique country syntax and spelling requests to this common system
  • Full ASP source code is included which allows for easy customization and custom integration

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