Active Server Pages Shipping Calculator
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is their any monthly service charges for real-time rates?
    Answer: No, you need to complete a free registration with UPS and USPS and will be granted an userid and password which will provide access to the rates.
  • Is the source code available?
    Answer: Yes, as an ASP script based solution, when you license the Active Server Pages Shipping Calculator you get the source code.  You can use this source in accordance with the license agreement.  **You may not incorporate this source into any product that will be sold or provided to any third party.**
  • Where do the rates come from, how are they kept up to date?
    Answer: This product interfaces directly from your site to the shipping companies.  As such, as soon as they update their rates, the product will return updated rates.  You never need to update rates.

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