ASP ShipCalc™ Documentation



ASP ShipCalc has the following system requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/98/Me  or greater.
  • Internet Information Server 4.0, or PWS 4 or greater.
  • Microsofts XML Parser 3.0 SP2 or greater (download here)
  • Connection to the internet able to reach shipping web sites
  • You must register for free with UPS and USPS (if you want rates from these processors).  Your login details need to be set in usersettings.asp
Those without direct access to their server:
  • As a plain script solution, ASP ShipCalc was specifically designed for shared server environments.  No components or special software need to be installed
  • For most, your web host will already be running Microsofts XML parser 3.0 or greater due to its performance and stability enhancements.  If not you should ensure that they update - the update provided by Microsoft does not require a reboot and will improve the performance and reliability of an XML manipulation.


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