ASP ShipCalc™ Documentation



Assuming your web server is already running Microsofts XML Parser 3.0 or greater you only need to unzip the distribution bundle and copy the files to your web site.  You can begin returning real-time shipping rates from UPS and USPS as soon as you have registered with them for free and set the details in usersettings.asp.  Edit usersettings.asp in notepad for more information.
Configuring the ASP ShipCalc Samples:
  • A /samples directory is created when you unpack ASP ShipCalc.  This contains an examples of ASP ShipCalc's usage.
  • You are free to control the value return to include any or all of the collection items.  ASP ShipCalc will also allow you to return any or all of the valid shipping services from any combination of UPS and USPS.


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